FLY-TIPPERS have dumped household items behind the golf course in Port Glasgow.

The mess included a fridge, ironing board, mattress and chair.

Town councillor Jim MacLeod has hit out at those responsible.

He said: “This is a blight on our landscape and I have contacted council officials and the police and asked them to look in to this.

“I can only think this may have been dumped by a business to avoid paying commercial waste at the council’s Pottery Street depot.

"Any residents could have taken these household items and safely left them for free at Pottery Street.

“Every time the council has to remove rubbish it costs us all as council tax payers and it means less money for other services.

“I implore anyone seeing fly-tipping, or who knows who is responsible for dumping rubbish, to call the Dumb Dumpers hotline on 0845 2 30 40 90, or the police on 101.”