A PRE-SCHOOL centre in Port Glasgow has been showered with praise following a visit by watchdogs.

The Care Inspectorate graded St Francis’ Nursery class as 'good' for care, support, environment and staffing.

The council-run nursery is located in a newly-refurbished wing of St Francis’ Primary School in East Barmoss Avenue and looks after kids aged two to five.

Inspectors say they found that staff had a clear understanding of the children’s needs and that most parents were happy with the care their youngsters were receiving.

The watchdog also hailed the attractive set-up of play areas and complimented staff on providing opportunities for youngsters to develop their independence.

In one pointer for improvement they have asked management to ensure medication is being audited and that staff are fully completing relative documentation.”

The report said: “Children were happy, confident and had formed positive relationships with staff.

“Staff knew the children well and had a clear understanding of their individual needs.

"Personal plans were in place for all children and these were reviewed every six months.

“We found the rooms to be clean, bright and well ventilated ensuring a comfortable environment for children and staff.

“Children were confidently accessing play materials.

“We found staff were working well together creating a nurturing environment for children and families. 

"We recognised there had been recent changes in the staff team however, through effective working relationships, we found these changes had not impacted on outcomes for children.”

The report confirmed there were appropriate infection control measures in place such as as social distancing and use of personal protective equipment.