YOUNG Inverclyde rugby stars are TRYing out new strips thanks to the support of an Inverclyde lettings firm.

Greenock Wanderers Minis have teamed up with Bowman Rebecchi Letting in a new sponsorship package.

The Minis now have the Bowman Rebecchi Letting logo on their sleeves, alongside other local sponsors McLaren Packaging and Welsh Walker.

Bowman Rebecchi Letting is a joint venture with Glasgow agency, Newton Letting.

As a former Wanderer himself, Bowman Rebecchi director Riccardo Giovanacci said he's delighted to be involved in supporting the Minis programme.

He added: "I know only too well how critical it is to support the youth programme at Greenock Wanderers.

"Bowman Rebecchi is proud to support a wide range of organisations across Inverclyde to provide important opportunities for young people to thrive.

"Sport in Inverclyde plays a huge part in so many local people's lives and we look forward to seeing the next generation flourish at Fort Matilda with the Wanderers."

Wanderers Minis convenor Kevin Murray says the corporate sponsorships are vital in enhancing the youth development programme at the club.

He added: "We're so grateful to our sponsors across all levels of the club who enable us to deliver opportunities for young people.

"All of our sponsors have demonstrated a level of connection and affinity that has inspired people to remain loyal to the GWRFC brand. Their commitment is priceless."

PIC - Bowman Rebecchi Letting directors Marco Rebecchi and Riccardo Giovanacci with Greenock Wanderers P6 Minis players Jake Murray and Ramsay Munro.