A GOUROCK playwright has won the endorsement of Irvine Welsh as he gets ready to stage his play of one of the acclaimed author's popular novels at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Fresh from the successful run of his Morton show 'Mon Eh Ton' at the Beacon Arts Centre, playwright David Carswell is now preparing to take an adaptation of Welsh's 'Porno' to the capital this summer.

Writer and director David, who wrote the script five years ago, is putting on his version of the Trainspotting sequel at the Pleasance Beyond during the August arts spectacular, with Welsh flying in to watch.

Set 15 years after Trainspotting, the story follows main characters Renton, Sickboy, Begbie and Spud as they navigate a new chapter in their lives.

The venture, which David says is a 'dream come true', has been on the cards for a long time.

He had to wait on the rights becoming available from the individual who held them.

Now the budding writer is ready to bring the book to life - with the support of world famous writer Irvine.

The Gourock man, who also penned 'The Tommy Burns Story', told the Tele: "This is such a surreal moment for me.

"I am the biggest Irvine Welsh fan and have had this script ready to go for five years, so I was delighted when I finally managed to get my hands on the rights.

"I've been a fan of these characters for over 20 years so to bring them to life on the stage at the Fringe is a dream come true.

"To have the support of Irvine himself is incredible - it means so much that he has got behind the show."

Described as 'disturbing, shocking, and extremely funny', the show will make its world premiere at on August 3.

Welsh, who published Trainspotting in 1993, says he is 'mightily impressed' by David's script.

He said: "I think it'll be an amazing show.

"I like the way it forges its own identity and is different to both the novel and Trainspotting 2.

"I'm excited to see it in Edinburgh this August."

Tickets for the show, which runs from August 3-28, are priced between £8 and £15 and available at bit.ly/3L1ba1Y