1968. Glasgow’s dancehalls jive, rock & swing to the sounds of the 60s. Remember the Palais, The Locarno… The Plaza?

And then there was The Barrowlands Ballroom, rife with rhythm, romance and rumour… for lurking in its smoky shadows was a serial killer. Murder on and off the dancefloor… And so the dance went on and ‘Bible John’ danced away and dodged the grasp of Glasgow detectives.





DANCING with the Devil is an unexpected gem - a snapshot of a time surprisingly not that long ago.
We are taken back to the glitterball of the Barrowlands Ballroom accompanied by a wonderful 1960s soundtrack.
Glasgow was dancing daft and women searched for love but risked much more if chosen by the killer lurking in the darkness.
The play, written and directed by Paul Moore, takes place during the the time of the notorious Bible John murders - but it is much more than that.
Set ideally in the studio theatre of the Beacon, we are treated to a slice of social attitudes of the time, the fashion, the music and what it was like to be young.
There are many powerhouse musical performances notably from Leanne Cameron, who plays June, and Doreen McLaren who provides an interlude of songs poignant to the story.
There's humour from both the girls and the guys - but with a reminder that any of the men could be John.
And some gallus lines 'wummin just want a wedding ring and a three piece suite from Cantors' - which says it all.
The Bible John story is cleverly intertwined with the escapism ' the dancing' provides from the hum-drum of every day life, with the stressed detective, played by Gerry Rogan, trying to solve the murders. 
Newspaper reports and chilling words quoted from the bible set the scene.
There's comedy, pathos, and ultimately a powerful tribute to the innocent victims who lost their lives. 
The play, an Arts Enigma Production, is on tour and finishes in The Shed Glasgow between May 13 and May 15.
To book tickets visit artsenigma.evenbrite.com.