INVERCLYDE motorists are paying more to fuel up than any other local authority area in Scotland according to recent data.

Drivers in the area have repeatedly voiced their frustrations about being 'ripped off' at local pumps, while people in neighbouring areas like Glasgow or Renfrewshire recently paid as much as eight pence less per litre.

Recent analysis by financial advice site Forbes Advisor, which used data from the Office of National Statistics and PetrolMap to find out where it was most costly to get a full tank of petrol, showed that Inverclyde was the most expensive authority area in Scotland to fuel up.

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The data, published earlier this year, highlighted that Inverclyde residents paid £4.50 more than the Scottish average of £86.81 for a tank of 55 litres, and nearly £9 more than motorists in Clackmannanshire, the area which at the time spent the least on fuel.

With fuel prices on the rise across the country, the price gap has been felt even more significantly, with some drivers referring to it as "a postcode lottery."

According to PetrolMap, the current average price for petrol in Inverclyde is £1.85 per litre, seven pence more per litre than neighbouring Renfrewshire, and nearly 14 pence more than drivers in East Ayrshire.

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Locals are demanding action from politicians to take the issue further, and some have gone as far as demanding a boycott of petrol stations.

Councillor Martin McCluskey has called for action from petrol stations in the area to being prices in the area in line with neighbouring outlets, while the area's parliamentary representatives have demanded change from the UK Government.