A BOOZED up Greenock nightclub-goer inexplicably vandalised the parked car of someone he didn't know in a 'drunken aberration' that has cost him £600.

Jamie Heron, 30, began booting the Ford Focus in what has been described as a 'bizarre' incident after leaving the town's Word Up nightspot at nearly 1am.

The sheriff court was told that he went to the club intoxicated and continued to drink inside before targeting the car on Hood Street.

Prosecutor Michael Cunningham said: "At 10.10pm the owner of the car parked up and it was undamaged and all was in order.

"At 11.15pm the accused was seen on CCTV entering the nearby Word Up premises in the company of a female.

"He was within the premises for 90 minutes and was again seen on CCTV on Hood Street, kicking and damaging the car.

"The female was seen to try to stop him but he continued to kick the vehicle."

Fiscal depute Mr Cunningham added: "The accused was identified from the CCTV footage by police but he was not successfully traced at the time."

Heron had been charged with damaging four other vehicles on Hood Street 'by means meantime unknown to the prosecutor', however his not guilty pleas to these allegations were accepted by the Crown.

Defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher said: "Before entering the premises Mr Heron was intoxicated at that point, and he drank more within.

"He is unable to provide an explanation for his conduct.

"But he cannot dispute that he is the person responsible for the damage to the car.

"He otherwise has a relatively short record."

Sheriff Nicola Patrick remarked: "That makes it all the more bizarre."

Mr Gallagher said: "It appears to have been a drunken aberration, one that will hit him in the pocket.

"Since this offence he has not drank or gone out socially."

Heron, of Dempster Street, pleaded guilty to the offence on the day he was due to stand trial.

Solicitor Mr Gallagher said: "The CCTV footage was not available prior."

Sheriff Patrick told Heron: "I'm at a loss as to why you got involved with this."

The sheriff ordered him to pay his victim £330 compensation and further fined him a total of £270.