A FIRESTARTER inexplicably torched a succession of wheelie bins as he staggered home through Greenock after a drinking session.

Neil Orr set the refuse receptacles ablaze in the early hours of the morning as CCTV camera operators at the town's police office tracked his movements.

The trail of fires literally lit-up 39-year-old hoodie-wearing Orr's route towards his Florence Street home, the sheriff court was told.

But police intercepted him before he could complete his drunken 3am journey.

Prosecutor Jason Stark said: "There was no obvious motive and it appears to have been a random selection [of bins] as he walked home.

"The bins were near walls, placing nearby properties at risk of catching fire."

Orr had been charged with wilfully setting fire to and destroying a total of seven bins, including a metal industrial one, on a number of streets.

However, his not guilty pleas to four of the allegations were accepted by the Crown as he admitted, though lawyer Paul Keenan, to bin blazes on West Blackhall Street, West Stewart Street and Nelson Street.

Fiscal depute Mr Stark said: "At 2.45am Invervision CCTV operators at Greenock police office observed a bin on fire at Sports Direct on West Stewart Street.

"Upon further inspection it was observed that there was another bin on fire on West Blackhall Street at Aulds.

"The accused was observed setting fire to a bin [near flats] at 23 Nelson Street.

"Two police officers were actioned to attend at Nelson Street and they observed the accused walking away from number 23.

"The route taken from the town centre suggests he was walking towards his home.

"The accused was alone and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol."

The court heard how Orr was wearing a dark-coloured tracksuit with the hood of its top pulled up over his face and 'distinctive' new Nike trainers.

When he was cautioned and charged by police he stated: "I don't remember if it was me.

"I'm bang to rights."

The damage to each bin was put at £41.20.

Orr committed the offences on January 3, 2020.

His solicitor, Mr Keenan, said: "Whilst Mr Orr has a record, he has not been in the sheriff court for ten years."

Sheriff Michael Higgins has deferred sentence until next month for a background report and electronic tagging order assessment to be prepared.

The sheriff told Orr: "I want to have a full set of information before me."