A RETIRED former intensive care nurse at Inverclyde Royal has turned her love of candles into an exciting new business venture.

Anne Kelly from Inverkip is channelling her creative spirits to open up her own shop in Greenock town centre at the age of 62.

From the Oak Mall outlet she hopes to attract people to her sweet scented candles, ornamental designs and innovations.

As well as making her own candles, she is selling jewellery and even a scent to scare off midges.

Anne had a 44 year nursing career and still keeps her hand in working once a week at Glenfield Care Home.

But now she is going off in a different direction.

She said: "I loved nursing - I started off in the old Greenock Royal, worked in intensive care and then as an advanced nurse practitioner.

"But this new venture is exciting for me as well.

"It is something I have always wanted to do.

"I have always loved candles but could never find one I really liked, so I started making my own.

"It has just grown from there.

"I know it is later in life, but I decided to open my own shop."

Anne says her globetrotting helped fire the imagination for her new enterprise.

She said: "My husband Danny and I have travelled a lot so I am using that as my inspiration.

"I have some crafts in the shop as well, including a way to keep your necklaces from getting tangled in transition."

A number of years ago Anne went to Qatar with her husband Danny, where she was an advanced clinical practitioner in a hospital.

From there they travelled around the world and she is channelling her travels into her new business.

Her shop - Straight From the Elephant's Trunk - in the Mall is a treasure trove of candles, sweet smells and practical gifts to help people.

Gran Anne said: "I have always been creative and I have lots of ideas.

"One of my favourite items is a candle to get repel midgies, that is my favourite."