A GOUROCK resident has called for the council to repair a 'dangerous' broken safety barrier on the town's waterfront.

Liz Buie spotted the damaged barrier during one of her regular walks along Cloch Road and highlighted it after it was left for months without being fixed.

Roads staff have left a makeshift plastic barrier at the site but Liz believes that if a car was to be involved in an accident on the stretch of the busy road, the gap could lead to the vehicle plunging straight down into the water.

Liz said: "I walk past this section of fence quite regularly and I think anyone can see the danger it poses.

"Something must have hit it already, for it to be broken like this.

"It has been like this for a while with nothing being done about it."

In addition to the danger posed by the broken railing, Liz also says that the damage leaves a bad impression on a stretch of the coastline popular with people.

She said: "It's not only dangerous, but it looks awful too.

"I've been walking down this way ever since the start of the pandemic about five times a week.

"I notice every time I pass it and I just wish someone would do something to fix it.

"It needs repaired or replaced.

"A lot of people drive into the town this way, or come off the ferry passing though, and we don't want a damaged railing to be the first thing they see.

"When you look at the beautiful houses on the other side of the street and the spectacular view along here it seems strange how long it's just been left like this."

When contacted about the damage, an Inverclyde Council spokesperson said that the local authority had instructed a contractor to repair the broken section of the barrier.

The council were unable to provide an exact timeline for the repairs, but told the Telegraph that they aimed to carry out the work 'as soon as possible'.