A CURIOUS customer got more than she bargained for when she rang her local cafe - and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay answered the phone.

The Hell's Kitchen star surprised everyone at The Cove in Gourock when he dropped in for lunch on Friday following recommendations from loyal locals.

While at the cafe, the famous TV personality and cook enjoyed a light bite, spoke with the team and fellow diners and even took a turn manning the phone.

Demi Robinson, who works across the road at gift shop Treasured, told the Tele how she rang over to ask about the commotion at the cafe and ended up chatting to the chef himself.

She said: "One of our customers came in and said Gordon Ramsay was in The Cove.

"I'm friends with Kayleigh who manages Cove so I rang over to ask if he really was there.

"Kayleigh was serving him and she couldn't answer the phone, so I think he picked it up himself.

"As soon as he answered the phone I knew it was him - he's got such a distinctive voice.

"I asked for Kayleigh and he told me she was busy and then asked if he could help with anything because he was the new chef.

"We both just burst out laughing and he handed the phone over to Kayleigh.

"I ran over straight away to meet him, it was such a bizarre day."

After his visit, the famous restaurateur took to social media to praise The Cove and its staff.

Owner Mariessa Devlin said she was 'thrilled' to be complimented by the MasterChef judge.

She said: "We didn't know Gordon was coming, he was down this way and asked people where he should go.

"The best endorsement we've had is that local people told him to come to us.

"Our manager Kayleigh is a massive fan of his TV programmes and as soon as he pulled up she recognised his hair.

"He came in and asked for a table, but there were already two people waiting.

"Kayleigh knew from being a fan of his that he likes people to stick to procedure when he goes into places, so she asked him if he would be okay to wait."

Mariessa says that after finishing a tasty tuna sandwich, Ramsay posed for selfies with staff and went round every table in the cafe talking to customers.

She added: "What really came across is how supportive he is of small businesses.

"We were so happy with how things went, it's created such a buzz.

"He was so kind, no ego or persona - it was a real lift for the team.

"It put everyone at ease having him be so friendly.

"If Gordon Ramsay walks into your cafe, you're always going to be nervous, but we had some staff who had just started.

"Our new cook Dolores was on shift and she's only been with us for four weeks.

"They all did really well, I was delighted with them.

"It was so great to have Gordon here, he is welcome again anytime."