HUNDREDS of people flocked to a fun day set up to help families celebrate the summer holidays.

The team at Gibshill Community Centre and the children's centre next door came together to put on the event as the part of the local Meliora Festival co-ordinated by the council.

There was non-stop action at the gala day held at the newly-restored football pitches, with inflatables, fair rides and a children's entertainer.

New Provost Drew McKenzie visited the event as he continues to settle in to his new civic role.

Provost McKenzie said: "It is wonderful to see for myself the difference the Meliora funding has made to communities.

"What was so important about this event in Gibshill was it was almost all free for families.

"That is so important right now.

"If you have two or three children, a family day out like this can quickly become an expensive one.

"That is what was so good about the Meliora funding, giving community groups the money and seeing what they could do with it.

"It was great to see all the families and spend time with people.

"There is a great community in Gibshill and everyone made such an effort.

"The community centre do a great job locally and it was wonderful to see all the happy faces."

On the day local fire crews turned up with their engine and dancers from May Hughes performed for the crowds with other entertainers on hand as well.

The new provost has spent the last couple of months visiting community centres, schools and events like the Gibby gala.

He said: "I am loving the role, people stop and talk to you when you have these chains on - I even have people wanting selfies!

"I am enjoying going to events and visiting places like Gibshill Community Centre."

The community centre have thanked everyone who helped make the gala day such a big success.