LOCAL MSP Stuart McMillan says he is becoming 'increasingly concerned' about poverty levels rising across Inverclyde. 

To address these concerns, Mr McMillan teamed up with the Poverty Alliance to run a parliamentary drop-in event as a precursor for Challenge Poverty Week, which runs from October 2. 

The SNP man welcomed MSPs from all major parties in the Scottish Parliament to the event. 

Mr McMillan said: "My constituency sadly has pockets of high deprivation.

"In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in the midsts of a cost of living crisis, I'm  increasingly concerned about poverty levels potentially rising in Inverclyde and across Scotland as a whole.

"The cost of living events highlight the wide range of organisations that are ready and willing to support my constituents."

Mr McMillan will be hosting another cost of living advice surgery on Friday, September 29 with further details to be confirmed.