IN the first article of a nostalgic mini-series of picture stories today, we take an interesting look at images of Inverclyde past and present.

As you will see, some scenes haven't changed much at all while others have been completely transformed.

Take a look with us at four areas of Greenock we think you'll marvel at.

Greenock Telegraph: Cathcart Square in the heart of Greenock appears not to have changed much since 1975, apart from the cars, the change of use of certain commercial premises and the street lighting.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph: The area at Holmscroft Street and Captain Street has changed a lot since November 1971 when the above photo was taken. The same viewpoint today is pictured below.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph: This scene at the Esplanade has changed dramatically since 1973, above, when the headquarters of Chruch Bros Garage were in situ. Today, below, the space is occupied by housing.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph: Take a look at the changes at this area of Dalrymple Street between 1978 and today. The car parking spaces have gone and there's a certain shopping centre at the location now.

Greenock Telegraph: We hope you've enjoyed this wee look at bygone Greenock and Greenock today, and look forward to bringing you more nostalgia next week.