A FUMING senior citizen who claims he has not received a correct energy bill from British Gas in more than two years has now been slapped with a demand for more than £300. 

Yvon Precieux, 74, alleges that since his account moved from People's Energy to British Gas in 2021, the bills he has received haven't matched the energy he has used. 

Yvon, who lives in Wemyss Bay's Cliff Terrace Road, says despite having been in regular contact with the billing and complaints departments at British Gas for many months, his bills are still 'all over the place'.

The problems began when his account changed over to British Gas automatically when the UK energy crisis first hit and People's Energy ceased trading. 

He said: "It's a nightmare scenario. 

"I've lost count of the number of letters and emails I've sent. 

"There's no continuity and no one seems to know what they're doing. 

"Now I've been hit with this £300 demand out of the blue."

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He says he was shocked to receive his first bill without a welcome and no mention of the compensation he should have been given for the change in provider. 

Yvon added: "They were just straight in with a bill, no welcome, nothing. 

"I know I was in credit so that started all the to-ing and fro-ing with them."

Yvon says that from September 2021, he started to receive an assortment of bills, sometimes as many as four at the same time. 

He added: "They would be for the same timeframe but all for different amounts. 

"I just couldn't fathom it at all."

Yvon opted to document all of his energy usage and worked out how much he should be paying on the tariff he had been assigned. 

He regularly sends British Gas a detailed breakdown of how much energy he has consumed and encloses a cheque for the amount payable but says this still hasn't remedied the situation. 

Yvon added: "I know that my energy usage and payments always match up but I still receive bills for estimated readings so I don't think they look at what I send. 

"I thought we were getting somewhere earlier this year when I started receiving bills for consecutive time periods, but the amounts were all still wrong."

The Wemyss Bay resident says is now awaiting advice from the energy company on the alleged £300 he owes. 

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Yvon says people should be vigilant when it comes to their bills.

He added: "There could be people out there who don't look at their bills in great detail and just pay them to get them out of the way.

"Maybe they feel like they can't figure them out and don't want to complain. 

"I just want to receive the correct bills for the energy I'm using."

A spokesperson for British Gas confirmed that Mr Precieux has been calculating his own energy use and making payments by cheque since 2021. 

But they claim that his payments haven't covered the energy use breakdown that is presented in his bills, which they say reflect the accurate meter readings he has provided, and also include standing charges and VAT. 

The spokesperson added: "We're trying to help Mr Precieux manage his bills as he's been calculating his own energy use and his last payment was in July. 

"We're attempting to reach Mr Precieux to offer any help and support available and reassure him that his account in on hold in the meantime while we try to understand his concerns."