DISTRAUGHT residents on Kilmacolm Road in Greenock have been forced out of their homes once again by last weekend's floods - just weeks after moving back in following last year's December deluge. 

A total of six homes on the now notorious stretch of road were badly damaged after the heavy rainfall of last Saturday.

These were the same properties that were flooded at the end of last year, with repairs only recently completed.

The process of stripping out, drying out and refurbishing the properties took around eight months to complete, running from January until August, only for the house to be ruined again within a matter of weeks. 

Cloch Housing Association confirmed that four families moved back into their homes as recently as early September. 

The association is now calling for increased investment in flood prevention to mitigate the chances of floods ruining the same homes year after year. 

A spokesperson for Cloch said: "We feel devastated for our families and we are doing everything we can to support them through this stressful time, with our immediate priority being securing alternative, long-term accommodation and practical support. 

"Our concern is that the current infrastructure can't cope with excessive wetter weather which we are now experiencing more frequently, and we know this is predicted to worsen due to climate change.

"We believe more investment in flood prevention measures across Inverclyde is required, as are increased routine measures in relation to maintenance of the current road drainage system. 

"Inverclyde Council had workers on-site trying to clear drains and debris but the amount of water and build-up of debris on Saturday was overwhelming.

"Clearing debris from the culvert at the glen is not sufficient to cope with the excessive amount of rainfall that was experienced in December and again on Saturday."

Greenock Telegraph:
Cloch officials have held talks with loss adjusters this week to assess the extent of the damage caused and while a figure for the repairs needed is not available as yet, it is expected to be substantial.

The Cloch spokesperson added: "As a charity where expenditure is funded by tenants' rental income, we need to assess future options for these properties. 

"This will be informed by discussions about what flood prevention measures can be undertaken with our partners at Inverclyde Council and Scottish Water."

Kilmacolm Road residents contacted the head of housing at Cloch when their homes were inundated during the downpours.

Members of the Cloch team went to the scene and helped families evacuate their homes and alternative accommodation was arranged for those who required it by Saturday afternoon.

Bosses say they now want to identify long-term accommodation solutions for the families. 

They plan to meet with Stuart McMillan MSP and Inverclyde Council to discuss the next steps. 

The housing firm has been in regular contact with the local authority since the December 2022 flood and met representatives from the council at the start of September when the families moved back into their homes. 

The Cloch spokesperson added: "We agreed to meet again in a month as a group, along with the families and Inverclyde Council representatives to discuss flood risk mitigation plans and steps. 

"Inverclyde Council confirmed they were also following up with Scottish Water regarding the reservoir which impacts the flow of water to the glen, which in turn affects the amount of surface water on the road during periods of excessive rain."