I AM starting to see more of them but the brand of car shown is still quite a rare sight.

It is produced by Genesis, the luxury division of Hyundai introduced here in 2021.

Genesis are up against established premium makes but offer a product which is generously equipped, beautifully finished and has a most appealing interior.

Pictured is the battery-electric GV60 in its flagship Sport Plus guise and with a most appropriate registration plate.

GV60 prices start at £54,105 for the rear-drive Premium which has an official range rating of up to 321 miles. The all-wheel drive Sport and Sport Plus are priced from £58,565 and £67,705 respectively.

With a range rating of up to 289 miles, the Sport Plus is the most powerful GV60. It has a Boost button which when activated rockets its occupants from rest to 62mph in a mere four seconds. Top speed is said to be 146mph.

Electric cars are quieter than internal combustion models but the GV60 is particularly refined. The Sport Plus handles favourably and the ride does not have the harshness often experienced with 21inch wheels.

Rear seat accommodation for adults is not cramped but some might prefer a touch more legroom. Boot capacity is nothing special at 432 litres although handy enough. The Sport Plus also has 20 litres of space in what Genesis call the front trunk.

The company’s products can be viewed at the Genesis Studio in Edinburgh.