A TALENTED young Inverclyde guitarist got the chance to jam with one of his musical heroes and wowed the Glasgow crowds in the process. 

Aaron Warner was invited on stage at Guitar Guitar in Glasgow by American blues rock guitarist and singer songwriter Jared James Nichols. 

Aaron and his friend and bandmate, drummer Sylvain Bezian, managed to secure 'meet and greet' tickets and went to see the musician at the store before he took to the stage at the Cathouse later that evening.

Greenock Telegraph:
Guitarist Aaron, who is in local bands Ivory and Novaro alongside Sylvain, was invited up onto the stage to join his hero. 

Aaron said: "It was an experience that I definitely won't forget.

"He was very humble and was such a nice guy. 

"He started playing a 12-bar blues on rhythm guitar and asked me to play a 'shuffle in A'.

"I couldn't believe I was up there playing alongside him, it was incredible."

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Sylvain said it was amazing to see his friend on stage with his hero.

He added: "There's one point where Jared looks out into the crowd and says 'woah!' when Aaron was playing so I think he was really impressed.

"It was fantastic and the crowd loved it. 

"It was crazy to see Aaron up there, he was great.

"He spotted us in the crowd at the Cathouse afterwards and kept smiling and pointing at us."

Aaron got to play Jared's infamous 1952 prototype Gibson Les Paul, worth £100,000. 

He added: "The guitar is called Dorothy and it's so iconic. 

"I got the chance to play it. It wasn't plugged in, but that didn't matter.

"It was almost completely destroyed in a tornado and someone found it in a garden and gave it to Jared. 

"He completely remodelled it and now it's worth an amazing amount of money."

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Aaron and Sylvain are both studying on the HNC Music course at West College Scotland in Greenock and are enjoying gigging across the west of Scotland. 

Greenock Telegraph:
Aaron feels that meeting Jared and seeing him play at the Cathouse after it will inspire his own guitar playing. 

He added: "He writes amazing songs and has a really distinctive style as he doesn't use a pick.

"Watching him at the gig made me think 'I want to play like that now'."