A GOUROCK man jailed last year after being assessed as a 'maximum risk' of reoffending following a street fight with weapons has been spared a further prison term — after threatening to 'smash' three female police officers.

Kyle Watson, 29, has committed to 'turning his life around', a sentencing hearing at Greenock Sheriff Court was told.

He pleaded guilty to shouting, swearing and threatening the officers with violence during a night-time incident at his Shore Street home last month.

A procurator fiscal depute told the court: “Police attended the locus in relation to an unrelated matter which involved the accused.

"He appeared to be under the influence.

“They attempted to speak to him but he pushed police out of the way and ran up the common close stairs.

“He was continually shouting and swearing despite being asked to stop on numerous occasions.”

Watson shouted various offensive slurs at the officers, adding: "What are you lassies going to do? I'll smash you."

The Telegraph told last November how Watson had fought with another man on Shore Street after the pair had armed themselves with a tyre wrench, a golf club and a baseball bat.

A sheriff noted at the time: "The criminal justice social work report assesses you as being of 'maximum risk' of reoffending."

In his latest offence, Watson starting flailing his arms and legs and tried to run from police, who eventually managed to bring him under control.

Defence solicitor Rhona Lynch told the court that the dad-of-two was ‘ashamed and remorseful’, and that she has recently observed a shift in his attitude.

Ms Lynch said: “He’s a young man who has a very difficult background.

“At the age of 29, he does seem to be at a stage where he is trying to do something positive and turn his life around.

“He is trying to set up contact with his children. That is his motivation for staying out of trouble.

“He’s turned up in court today completely sober and he has waited around all day for his case to call.

“That’s certainly the first time I’ve seen Mr Watson in the court building rather than appearing from custody.

“There does appear to be something of a transformation in his behaviour recently.”

Referring to a social work report, Sheriff Fraser said it was ‘encouraging’ that Watson was ‘engaging’ with support.

She said: “It’s to your credit you accept responsibility at such an early stage, however your behaviour was appalling towards these police officers.”

Sheriff Fraser imposed a community payback order with a 12-month supervision requirement.

Watson was also ordered to adhere to a four-week curfew which requires him to be within his home address between the hours of 8am and 8pm.