A TALENTED Scottish artist whose works are sold all over the world is making art more 'accessible and engaging' for local people by setting up a studio in one of Inverclyde's most scenic spots. 

SteviSome (also known as Stephen J Sommerville), has unveiled Stables Lane Studio at Finlaystone Country Estate. 

Stevi moved into a flat on the estate around two years ago and when the store room below his home appeared on the market two months ago, he snapped it up. 

Greenock Telegraph:
The space is now full of Stevi's very colourful work and he paints there full-time. 

The 53-year-old now wants to welcome people of all ages to his workspace and to have conversations about art. 

Stevi said: "I want people to come in and talk to me and ask questions. 

"People can watch me at work and find out about what I'm doing.

"I want to get people thinking about art in a different way and make it accessible to people. 

"It's a different way of bringing art to the public.

"We should be having conversations about art in the same way we speak about music."

Stevi says he is inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of the Scottish landscape, and by the geographical history and storytelling of Scotland. 

Greenock Telegraph:
He sells his works as far afield as Canada and New Zealand and is keen to show off his work to the people of Inverclyde. 

Stevi started out studying graphic design and worked in that sphere for a while until he decided it was 'too tight' for him and decided to go freelance. 

He also practised judo at Olympic level until the age of 26 when he sustained an injury. 

Stevi says he had always dipped in and out of painting but decided to take that skill on as a full-time career around ten years ago. 

He said it's 'magic' to now have a studio down the stairs from his home. 

Stevi said: "It's amazing to just walk down the stairs and be able to start painting. 

"I work predominantly outside and do a lot of painting at night. 

"There's an amazing amount of space directly outside the studio too."

Stevi has already welcomed people of all ages into the studio and will be running art classes in the summer. 

The studio is adorned with an incredible array of works and Stevi plans to rotate the pieces every week. 

Greenock Telegraph:
He says he's looking forward to meeting people of all ages and having a good blether about art. 

He added: "I've already had an amazing conversation with a wee girl who was in with her family. 

"She asked fantastic questions. 

"I won't tell you what a piece of art is about unless you ask me, so people shouldn't be frightened to ask. 

"Art should always be about expression and trying to evoke feelings. 

"I'm looking forward to talking to people about looking at art in different ways."

To get in touch with Stevi visit www.instagram.com/stevisomepainter or www.instagram.com/stables.lane.studio