SADLY due to budgetary pressures, there will be no official fireworks night in Inverclyde this year.

Fireworks in general have become less popular with an increasingly safety conscious public, and concerns too over the stress fireworks put on beloved pets.

Whatever your view, here are some fireworks pictures in taken our community over the years.

Pic1: I took this picture during a firework display in Greenock's Battery Park in 1998. In the days of black and white film photography, featuring both the spectating public and the pyrotechnics was quite a challenge.

Greenock Telegraph:

Pic2: Local store Lidl, Inverclyde Council and police came together to encourage people to take care and keep their firework celebrations injury-free in this picture taken in 1994.

Greenock Telegraph: Police fire safety campaign 1994

Pic3: Hayley Stewart was persuaded along with pals Jill and Gavin Beaton to turn away from a spectacular display to allow for this happy picture to be taken in 1995.

Greenock Telegraph:

Pic4: This shot was taken in 2003 when police put out a 'no tolerance' message to people who might conduct unsafe fireworks nights, and under-age youngsters who might try to buy rockets from local shops.

Greenock Telegraph:

Pic5: Finally, a shot taken at the fireworks display of 1999.

Greenock Telegraph:

This time featuring people about to take a whirl on the infamous white-knuckle ride which was a popular feature of firework displays.