A SCHOOL demolition, artwork at Inverclyde Royal and the build-up to the winter at the roads depot feature in our pictures of the week.

Pic1: This shot features renal patient Bev Nicolson with an artwork she created as part of an Inverclyde Royal Hospital Art in Renal Care programme. An exhibition of the work renal care patients have produced will be held in Greenock's Beacon Arts Centre from January 13 to 27.

Greenock Telegraph: Artwork at IRH

Pic2: I took this picture as demolition of what remains of Clune Park Primary School progressed at pace in what is hopefully a start of the surrounding area's transformation.

Greenock Telegraph: Demolition is underway

Pic3: Although Inverclyde motorists are hoping for the best, our road service workers are prepared for the worst. Councillor Michael McCormick joined snow clearing staff as they demonstrated their preparedness for whatever the coming winter might throw at us.

Greenock Telegraph:

Pic4: Luckily there were no serious injuries after a car became embedded in a wall of the Dutch Gable House on Greenock's William Street.

Greenock Telegraph:

The historic building escaped serious damage thanks to a bollard situated near its entrance.