INQUISITIVE pupils at schools across Inverclyde got the chance to grill politicians with some tough questions to mark UK Parliament Week. 

Political figures including Ronnie Cowan MP and MSPs Stuart McMillan, Neil Bibby and Ross Greer visited schools to speak to pupils about the issues affecting young people today. 

UK Parliament Week aims to raise awareness of the importance of young people getting involved in politics and encourages them to register to vote. 

St Columba's High in Gourock welcomed Mr Cowan, Mr Bibby, Mr McMillan, Mr Greer, and Councillor Elizabeth Robertson to mark the occasion. 

Greenock Telegraph:
Greenock Telegraph:
Pupils studying higher politics, social studies and geography in S4 to S6 got the chance to speak to the politicians and fired some difficult questions in their direction. 

Mhairi Haggerty, faculty head of social subjects at St Columba's, said the young people demonstrated that they're tuned in to what's going on in the world today. 

She added: "The pupils all came up with the questions themselves, we didn't prompt them at all. 

"Some of the questions were really tough, they didn't hold back.

"Being able to come up with such good questions shows that they're really interested in what's going on."

Greenock Telegraph:

Ms Haggerty said the UK Parliament Week activities followed on from a recent trip to Westminster where some of the young people got to meet Jeremy Corbyn MP, the former Labour leader.

She said they came back from London visit with a renewed interested in politics. 

Ms Haggerty added: "We're trying to push the importance of being interested in politics, and to show the young people that it's vital to be engaged in what's going on. 

"We spoke a lot about the importance of registering to vote as well. 

"The visits from politicians helped make politics even more accessible."

MP Mr Cowan says UK Parliament Week is a great chance for members of the public, schools and organisations to learn more about democracy. 

He added: "Since I was first elected in 2015, I’ve always engaged and supported UK Parliament Week.

"It was great to be asked to visit local schools, and meet with pupils to discuss my role as their Member of Parliament and how they can engage in the political process."