A GREENOCK pensioner who was being 'driven up the pole' in a wrangle with an internet giant has thanked the Telegraph for stepping in to help save her £1,000.

Ellen Ballantyne, 67, was stunned when she was told by Openreach that she faced a big bill for a survey of her garden before she could start work to install decking.

Greenock Telegraph:

The demand was made because a mast and 'stay wire' were erected in Ellen's garden in Stafford Road more than 20 years ago.

She said she'd never bothered about the features until she decided to revamp her garden, and realised that the wire would have to be moved.

Ellen contacted the Telegraph about her plight and just days after we intervened, Openreach engineers arrived at her house to move it.

The pensioner said: "I can't thank the Telegraph enough. 

"I really appreciate it so much."

Ellen says she got a visit from the company the same day her story was highlighted.

Greenock Telegraph:

She said: "It seemed like too much of a coincidence to me. 

"I missed the guy at first but I got a card through the door from Openreach and phoned them. 

"He came out later that day and had a look at the wire. 

"I explained that they hadn't ever asked for my permission to put the wire there and that it had to be moved to allow me to do the work on my garden."

Engineers returned the next day and moved the wire.

Greenock Telegraph:

Ellen was also delighted to hear that she would receive a £168 one-off payment from the company.

Ellen added: "Some people would just have given up when they found out they had to pay £1,000 for the survey. 

"Maybe they tell people that just to put folk off asking for things to be changed, but I was determined. 

"I'm a woman on my own and I stand up for myself."

Ellen is thrilled that work on fitting her new decking can now begin. 

She added: "It just goes to show what can be done. 

"It was all sorted within a week. 

"Thank-you to the Telegraph for helping me."