IN TODAY'S pictorial trip into Inverclyde's past we take a look at Gourock in years gone by and compare with how the town is today.

Greenock Telegraph: Gourock's Picture House was a popular place with many people in the town during the 1950s. Below, the same location today, minus the entertainment venue and with the addition of modern housing.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph: Cardwell Road in Gourock following the demolition of a building decades ago adjacent to the town's popular Cardwell Bar, and below, the street as it looks today with flats filling the formerly vacant space.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph: The Bay Hotel was a prominent feature in Gourock for many years. The above image shows the hotel as it was in 1997. Below, the famous building is no more today.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph: The iconic and famous Cragburn was the place where many a romance blossomed among young people who went to 'the dancing'. Above is a rare colour image of the building. Below, the same location today.

Greenock Telegraph: