YOBS who have been smashing windows and terrorising residents near Dubbs Road in the Port have today been condemned by a local councillor.

Ward two representative Kirsty Law has called for a sustained crackdown tackling aggressive and anti-social behaviour in the area of upper Port Glasgow after concerned constituents asked for her help.

The SNP politician says that large groups of young people have been acting in an intimidating manner on and around Dubbs Road, with their behaviour causing some residents to feel scared when leaving their home.

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She told the Telegraph that police and community wardens were monitoring the neighbourhood in an effort to curb the bad behaviour.

Greenock Telegraph: Kirsty Law concerned about youth disorder in Port Glasgow

Cllr Law said: “Residents are frightened, there are windows getting smashed and large groups of people hanging around.

“It’s prompted people to get in touch with me to see what we can do about it.

“It’s an ongoing problem and having had conversations with the police and the residents that have contacted me, there have definitely been spikes in this behaviour from time to time.

“This is a problem for the people living here and a focus needs to be kept on this area in terms of anti-social behaviour.”

Councillor Law says that after being contacted about the problem earlier this year, she spoke to local police and council officials.

She added: “The police are actively patrolling in this area, and they do so as regularly as they possibly can. Obviously with resources being stretched they’re not in a position to have someone here all the time.

“When the police are here the crowds disperse, but as soon as they go away they come back out.

“There needs to be a bit more emphasis put on this area in particular.

“Vulnerable people are scared of coming out their houses, they feel intimidated by the violent and aggressive behaviour they’re witnessing from young people that are congregating.

“There are wider issues at play here, in this area there is a lot of poverty and deprivation, and it saddens me that there are young people who feel so disconnected and so unaware of how their behaviour is being interpreted and felt by their community.

“It’s a community issue and we all need to play a part in fixing it.

“We need to make sure young people are our focus and try and engage them in other ways, but ultimately the bottom line is this behaviour is not acceptable and it needs to stop.

“People need to feel safe in their homes.

“I would encourage anyone who witnesses this behaviour to contact the police or community wardens so they can come out straight away.”

When contacted by the Telegraph about the issue, an Inverclyde Council spokesperson said: “Anti-social behaviour is completely unacceptable and people should not have to put up with aggressive or intimidating actions.  

“We absolutely encourage people to call out this mindless behaviour through the appropriate channels, including by contacting our community wardens service.

“Indeed, our wardens work closely with our police partners and regularly patrol areas of concern, identify those responsible, and take appropriate action, including letters to parents and even home visits.

“Anyone who is concerned about anti-social behaviour can contact our community wardens service on 0800 01 317 01 or contact police in an emergency situation.”

No comment was available from Police Scotland.