WORRIED Greenock west end residents fear somebody will be seriously hurt or worse unless action is taken urgently on dangerous double parking outside their homes.

People living on Finnart Street say the issue is ‘continual’ and causing crashes and putting pedestrians and drivers at risk.

One resident told the Telegraph that he witnessed a two-vehicle rush-hour crash last week which was the ‘direct result’ of double parking.

It is understood that a car travelling along Finnart Street collided with a parked vehicle at around 9am on November 21.

The resident said: “The car that was hit was mangled. They couldn’t drive it.

“There was smashed glass all over the road.

“The accident wouldn’t have happened if the car hadn’t been double parked.

“It wouldn’t be so bad if this was an isolated incident of someone double parking but it is constant.

“I’ve witnessed double parking on both sides of the road at the same time."

Greenock Telegraph:

Locals have also pointed out that the street is just around the corner from Ardgowan Primary, with lots of children walking to the school each day.

Residents say they would like to see visible signage warning drivers against double parking, as well as better police patrols.

When asked for comment, Police Scotland told the Telegraph that parking was decriminalised in Inverclyde in 2014 and that enforcement is now led by the local authority.

A spokesperson for Inverclyde Council said: “It would be inappropriate for us to comment on the incident as that is a matter for the police and there are currently no powers for us to deal with double parking.

“However, we would like to take this opportunity to remind drivers of their duty to park responsibly and considerately.

“We actively remind and encourage people to park appropriately, particularly in and around our schools, and we work closely with our police colleagues to reinforce this message directly and through initiatives like the ‘parking buddies’ campaign in all our primaries.

“Parking and road safety matters are regularly reviewed throughout the area and we take into account feedback from residents and a variety of other stakeholders to see if any improvements can be made.”