WE take another wee trip down memory lane today, through images of how local locations looked in the past and comparing them with the same places today.

Greenock Telegraph: Above is an image of a rather empty East Hamilton Street in Greenock, with just a solitary person on the pavement, in the 1970s, and below, how the street looks today.

Greenock Telegraph: How George Square in Greenock looked on one sunny day 50-plus years ago, with very light traffic flow it appears. Below, the square as it looks today, with considerably more private vehicles. How times hve changed.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph: A little steamer is berthed at Custom House Quay as a throng of people gather beside the boat in yesteryear. Below, how the quay looks today, with the Beacon Arts Centre in the background.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph: An image of the Navy Building, and below, the area today, minus the building which has been replaced with luxury flats.

Greenock Telegraph: We hope you've enjoyed this weekend's pictorial trip down memory lane. We'll be back with more nostalgia next Sunday.