A HERO coach at Inverclyde Academy who led the school football team to their first ever trophy has vowed to help them to yet more success after fighting back from a massive heart attack.

Health and wellbeing staff member Peter Gavin guided the boys to the Paisley and District Schools U16s title, the school's biggest sporting achievement.

It is also the first time in nearly 40 years any school in Inverclyde has lifted the trophy.

But since then the 54-year-old took critically unwell and had to be rushed to hospital to have stents fitted.

But the inspirational pupil support assistant returned weeks later and is back in action.

Peter said: "We have a group chat and the boys all wanted me to keep coaching and I didn't want to let them down.

"I am happy to be back and our head teacher is making sure I take it easy.

"We have only recently put a football team together and it's great for the boys.

"I can see them grow in confidence. It is such a fantastic achievement - a massive achievement for the school.

"We have a brilliant team, with some great players like Jamie Low, who signed for Patrick Thistle earlier this year.

"I was very proud of them when we won. It is the first time the shield has come back to Inverclyde for 39 years."

Peter, who previously worked as a tech specialist in IBM, has been working in the school for ten years, specialising in sport.

A dad of two grown-up sons, he played football, went on to coach teams and was also involved in the St Andrew's Boys Club.

Peter said: "It is a great school and our head teacher, Denise Crawford, is so supportive. She was so proud of all the team."

Peter told how he started to feel unwell at home in August, and also had a sore back.

His wife Renee took him to the hospital and it was then that he found out he was having a heart attack.

Peter said: "They told me I had already had one as well. But I would never have thought my back would be sore. I was sent to the Golden Jubilee for stents.

"I have medication and I am doing well. I was keen to get back and get on with it.

"As I said, the boys wanted me to keep coaching them and I didn't want to let them down."

The team beat East Renfrewshire side Means Castle in the final at Parklea in May, winning 4-2.

The team were recently delighted to be sponsored by Clyde Eats, which will help with upcoming tournaments.