THE past year has been one of mixed fortunes for Inverclyde and we at the Telegraph have worked to keep our community informed through it all.

Here are some pictures of happenings and life-changing events that have taken place in the year past. 

Greenock Telegraph: Port Director Jim McSporran of Peel Ports joined our Provost Drew McKenzie for this picture taken after the opening ceremony of the £20 million cruise ship terminal on Greenock's waterfront. The facility was the gateway for no less than 89 visiting cruise ships in its first year. 

Greenock Telegraph: Teachers decided the only course of action left open to them in their fight for better pay was to stage a series of strikes. This picture shows teachers marching from a rally held at the Tontine Hotel in Greenock after a heated meeting on future action. 

Greenock Telegraph: The investigation into the sinking of the tug Biter remains ongoing.A marine policing vessel in position over the area where the tug Biter capsized and sank only yards from Greenock Waterfront earlier this year. A Marine Accident Investigation Branch probe into the tragedy in which two crewmen lost their lives remains ongoing. 

Greenock Telegraph: Due to an annual media frenzy, there can be few people in the world who have not heard of the twins phenomenon that heralds the start of the school year here in Inverclyde. This year saw 17 sets of twins register for school, the second largest intake so far. 

Greenock Telegraph: Local journalism can still make a big difference, as Tele reporter Susan Lochrie proved when she brought the story of mum Leighann Forsyth to our readers. Leighann contacted the Telegraph to help her in her fight for better accommodation for her daughter Aria, who is battling leukaemia. After the story ran, Leighann and her family were offered new housing.