A SEVERELY disabled sheltered housing resident says his life is being made a misery by an intimidating caretaker who verbally abuses him on a regular basis.

William McKinnon, who is registered blind after suffering a stroke and also has mobility problems, claims the 'bully' is making him feel like he is 'trapped' in his address.

The 61-year-old reached out to the Telegraph to issue a plea to bosses at the Greenock complex where he has lived for more than a decade to take action after months of torment.

Mr McKinnon said: "He just makes comments when nobody is there, saying things like 'Where are you going with that stupid hat?'

"He's cheeky and ignorant.

"I went down to complain about something and he said 'Away you up the stairs', like he's ordering me about.

Greenock Telegraph: William McKinnon says he feels trapped in his own homeWilliam McKinnon says he feels trapped in his own home (Image: Duncan Bryceland)

"He said he doesn't care who likes him here. That's when I realised he's got too much power.

"I feel like a prisoner in my own house."

William, who stays at Stewart House on West Stewart Street, one of seven sheltered housing complexes operated by River Clyde Homes (RCH), said elderly neighbours are reluctant to speak about the issues despite sharing similar concerns.

He told the Tele he was forced to stay away from the complex's Christmas dinner 'because of him', while the caretaker also allegedly 'never bothered' to tell him about a friend's funeral after he passed away, meaning he missed that as well.

William said: "I said to him 'You're here to make people feel comfortable and happy', and he said 'I don't give a s**t how they feel'.

"He's got his own wee clique of people and he's dividing everybody.

Greenock Telegraph: Stewart House on West Stewart Street is run by River Clyde HomesStewart House on West Stewart Street is run by River Clyde Homes (Image: Duncan Bryceland)

"Other people are scared to open their mouths in case they get kicked out. I don't blame them, they're old.

"I can't walk very far at the best of times but I can't get out of my house because he's sitting down there and making comments when you go by the door.

"Because I'm blind he plays on it."

William, who hosts a weekly music show on Dunoon Community Radio, says he has been experiencing trouble with the staff member for a couple of years yet RCH chiefs have not resolved the situation.

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He added: "The main thing that is annoying me so much is them not doing anything.

"I shouldn't have to avoid people when I'm staying here.

"It's hard enough being severely disabled without someone like that on my back.

"I feel, because of my disabilities, he thinks he can get away with it."

William said he reported his complaints to RCH recently only to be told to 'give him a chance'.

RCH's sheltered housing service was last assessed by the Care Inspectorate more than six years ago, grading the quality of its care and support, and management and leadership, as 'excellent'.

A spokesperson for River Clyde Homes said: "We are aware of a complaint raised in Stewart House and take these matters extremely seriously.

"The complaint was subsequently investigated in accordance with our complaints policy, and appropriate actions have been taken to support Mr McKinnon with the outcome."