A FURIOUS Greenock dad who fears for his children's safety has hit out at the continued failure of his landlords to fix a 'danger' wall that's been blocked off by a new fence which is falling apart.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock dad Peter Logan hits out at 'danger wall'

Dad-of-four Peter Logan, who lives in Grieve Road with his partner Kirsty and his family, is again calling on River Clyde Homes to take action over the hazard at his home.

He has been locked in a lengthy battle with the housing association for eight years over the back drying green boundary at his home above the shops.

The family are unable to use their patio and drying green, with the door having to be locked at all times to keep the children safe.

Recent work to put up a temporary boundary fence in a bid to to secure the danger area has failed, with the slats falling off.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock dad Peter Logan hits out at 'danger wall'

Two years ago RCH bosses admitted to the Tele the wall was unsafe and needed to be replaced.

But the association remains unable to give a timescale for the full replacement of the brickwork and Peter, 38, is exasperated by the saga.

He said: "I just do not know what else to do now. We have four children aged 12 to a one year old, and our next door neighbour has five.

"Our children are stuck in the house and we can't open a door and let them out on the patio. We have been told it is not safe.

"River Clyde Homes come and put up a fence, but the slats are falling off because it is not bolted on and secured the right way. You could snap it yourself.

"This is having a terrible impact on us all, they were supposed to be coming out to see us but there has been nothing.

"We still have no access to our drying green."

Greenock Telegraph: Peter Logan. Dangerous wall at his Greive Road home..

The family's nightmare has been going on since they moved in to the property eight years ago, with Mr Logan fighting over the cracked wall.

In 2021 his patience snapped and he hit out in the Tele about the 'death trap'.

River Clyde Homes admitted a full repair was needed and that the wall was structurally unsafe.

A year later the repair was still outstanding, with growing concerns from Peter and partner Kirsty that it was endangering their children.

After contractors Home Fix came out to put up a temporary fence it only took weeks for the slats to fall off and the wall remains exposed.

Peter added: "It is just a nightmare for us all."

A spokesperson for RCH said: “The area of original brickwork within the drying green was deemed to be unsafe and therefore we had no option other than to temporarily block it off.

"We understand this has a detrimental effect on residents, but their health and safety is paramount.

"We apologise for the inconvenience caused and works are planned to reinstate the installation to the original specification, in line with neighbouring properties. "