A COUNCILLOR has slammed plans to create a further five new cycle lanes in Inverclyde.

David Wilson says there is no need for more lanes and has also hit out at the Scottish Government for giving more money to active travel body Sustrans.

He said: "This SNP government budget on roads in Scotland is being cut, due to the influence of the Greens, who are completely against cars and road expenditure.

"It means there is not going to be money for major road improvements such as the signals on the A8 to help with the general flow of traffic.

"It is a question of priorities, and seems to be cycling and walking over cars."

The Tele revealed last week how council bosses have appointed consultants to carry out a feasibility design work for five new paths.

This includes a lane from Inverkip to Branchton and another from Greenock town centre to Branchton.

A link is also being explored between Port Glasgow's railway station to the town's Coronation Park.

There is also an ongoing public consultation on a proposed cycle path between Overton and the centre of Greenock.

Two others are being planned from Tarbet Street in Gourock along to Battery Park and from Douglas Rae Road at James Watt Dock to Bogston.

A further feasibility study is also under way on a new active travel link which would connect Inverkip and Largs.

Council bosses are working in partnership with active travel organisation Sustrans on the proposed cycle lane network and £350k has already been secured to upgrade the existing track from Lady Octavia in the east end of Greenock to Dubbs Road in Port Glasgow.

Councillor Wilson said: "I don't think these things should be a priority. That money could be better used on road building to improve the road system in Inverclyde.

"We have enough cycle tracks, and I don't think the ones we have are getting used."