GREENOCK businessmen Sandy and James Easdale have today paid tribute following the death of their father at the age of 84.

James Easdale senior, who was a well-known figure locally, passed away on Monday.

His sons, the owners of McGill's Buses and a vast property portfolio, say he shaped their success in the business world and will be hugely missed.

They said: “When our mother Christina died nine years ago it left a huge hole in our lives. Now that hole has got so much bigger with the passing of our father, Jim.

“We went to work with dad in Clyde Metals as teenagers where he taught us everything we needed to know about business. He taught us the virtues of hard work and dedication to succeed."

Greenock Telegraph:

"As well as a loving parent, our mother was also an accomplished businesswoman with an amazing head for figures, so we couldn’t have asked for better parents to prepare us for life.

“Jim Easdale was well-known in Greenock and beyond. When he got into his late years he wasn’t full-time in business but he loved nothing more than to get down to work early in the morning just to keep them on their toes. Even at 84!

“While we are deeply saddened at his passing we take comfort in the fact that Jim Easdale lived a good long life with the woman he loved and was respected by all who knew him. He was the best father and grandfather a family could have.”