THE devastated owners of a Greenock beauty salon have called for action after their premises were damaged by flooding during today's downpours.

Storm waters inflicted major damage when they poured into Infinity Beauty on West Blackhall Street during the afternoon amid heavy rainfall.

Charlene Beckley, Liz Jardine and Ashleigh Beaton were forced to close the shop due to the flooding and are now facing a repair bill which could stretch to more than £1,000.

The flooding was caused by a blocked drain at the rear of the shop, which overflowed and spewed filthy water into the salon.

Greenock Telegraph: Infinity Beauty in Greenock hit by flooding

Water build up from the drain has been the source of problems for the shop in the past, but the salon’s three owners thought the issue had been fixed after the last major flooding incident in 2021.

Charlene told the Telegraph: “It’s devastating. We’re just trying to lift everything up from the floors and make sure nothing else gets damaged.

“I nipped out to the shops while Ashleigh was in one of the rooms and when I came back through the door the water met me.

“We started putting towels down, had a wee look round the back where flooding normally comes from and it was ankle deep round there.

“Last time we thought it was a drain that was blocked, someone came out and unblocked it and it was good until today.

“It’s not been completely fine since then, we’ve had to lift the back flooring, but it wasn’t coming out into the main shop.

“This is the worst it’s been in two years.

“We spent thousands when we first opened and then all the flooring got damaged and now we’re going to need to do it again for the rooms that have been damaged today.

“With another storm coming in we’re going to have to stay here as late as possible tonight to make sure it doesn’t get really wet.

“We can at least protect the front of the shop, but the damage is done in the back.”

While Infinity’s three owners have worked around the clock to deal with the flooding and reschedule appointments for their customers, they say the problem won’t be fully resolved until they find out who is responsible for the drain and get them to take remedial action.

Liz said: “Any time there’s really bad rain the water comes in.

“It’s happened before and we’ve highlighted it previously.

“We don’t know who’s ultimately responsible for fixing it but it’s causing us a lot of hassle.

“We’ve paid for fixing it before and we’ve got our landlord onto it, but it’s something we shouldn’t have to deal with.

“We need it sorted once and for all.”

Greenock Telegraph: Infinity Beauty in Greenock hit by flooding

Ashleigh added: “I reckon it’ll be more than a thousand pounds, because we’ll need to try and sort things out the back as well.

“We don’t know who’s responsible for it.

“When you’re paying for your rent and your bills you don’t need this. With the cost of living we’re struggling as it is, most businesses probably are.

“Somebody needs to take responsibility and fix the issue this time because there’s obviously a major problem somewhere.”