HISTORY hunters at a Greenock primary school developed their creative skills on an informative trip to an amazing local resource. 

Pupils from Ardgowan Primary visited the McLean Museum to get to work on the task of sketching some of their favourite exhibits. 

The boys and girls in P7B, along with their teacher, Jane Noble, had a good look around the museum and decided what to create in the observational drawing activity. 

Every class in the school is going to get the chance to visit the facility as part of the global Big Draw festival which celebrates the 'universal language' of drawing. 

Greenock Telegraph:
Class teacher Ms Noble said the activity was a 'purposeful visit to a fantastic local resource'. 

She added: "Every class has observational drawing as part of the art planner and where better to do this than in a museum full of interesting objects. 

"The pupils have had a really valuable experience here looking at important parts of their cultural heritage."

Boys and girls studied artefacts in the museum very carefully and took time to create beautiful drawings. 

Greenock Telegraph:
Ms Noble said the trip really helped pupils develop their artistic skills. 

She added: "We want the children to think about what's in front of them and to draw exactly what they see. 

"We've been thinking a lot about tone, texture, and shading, and the sketches produced are fantastic."

Greenock Telegraph:
Ms Noble said the visit to the museum helped young people learn about local and national history, and about the Watt Institution itself. 

She hopes that the visit will inspire the pupils find out more about history and art. 

Jane added: "All of the pupils have really engaged with this project and seem to be enjoying it. 

"Hopefully it will spark a real interest."