A FORMER community councillor is urging others to follow in his footsteps and put themselves forward to represent their neighbourhood.

Councillor Paul Cassidy, who formerly sat on the Wemyss Bay Community Council, is encouraging Inverclyde residents to help make a difference in their local area.

He said: “Only a fraction of our community councils are currently active and they do terrific work in their respective areas. Imagine how much more great work could be done if we had more representatives to help form more or all of them across Inverclyde.

“I know first-hand the positive impact community councils can have in delivering change and improvements for local areas and there has never been a better time for people to get involved and make a real difference to their community.”

Inverclyde has 11 community councils and a minimum of five community councillors are needed for each council to be able to legally form and sit.

If there are more candidates nominated than there are seats available in any of the community council areas, an election will be held.

Candidates have until February 7 to submit their nomination to become a councillor.

To submit a nomination or find out more about community councils, see www.inverclyde.gov.uk/ccelection