AN MSP has demanded answers for Inverclyde's Covid bereaved over the Scottish Government's handling of the pandemic.

Greenock-born West Scotland Conservative Jamie Greene has hit out at what he has called the 'culture of secrecy' within the SNP and at Holyrood.

Mr Greene, in a speech to parliament this week, accused the party of a lack of transparency in its decision-making and 'political opportunism'.

The debate came as Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney, and other senior Scottish politicians were questioned by the UK Covid Inquiry in Edinburgh.

The MSP said: “Bereaved families of those who died of Covid in Inverclyde deserve to know how and why key decisions were made during the pandemic.

“Many of them will have been angered, saddened, and shocked to discover what we now know.

“The former First Minister and senior SNP figures used the pandemic to advance a political agenda and create division.

“As hospitals struggled to cope and care homes were overwhelmed with sick patients, the SNP prioritised their petty, divisive debates.

“People who suffered through the pandemic in Inverclyde want answers. Cover-up or not, we will get them.”

The ex-First Minister has been accused of deleting WhatsApp messages relating to the handling of the pandemic, despite a 'do not destroy' notice being in place.

SNP figures have responded by saying they were following government policy by deleting messages that could be used by the inquiry.