PLANS to turn the site of a former school in Gourock into a community space as part of a £200,000 project have been given the go-ahead.

Town councillor Lynne Quinn - who has been championing the bid - has told of her delight at the green light finally being given to transform the land at the old St Ninian's Primary.

The decision comes after the project endured delays while investigations were carried out into the safety of the site, which sits on top of a former copper mine.

Now these are complete, the charity Green Action Trust is now working with council officers to bring the plans to fruition.

A public consultation will now take place to garner views on the development of the green space.

Councillor Quinn said: "I am excited that things are finally moving, as it is two years now since the funding was secured.

"I met Green Action Trust, they are already on site with officers looking at the space.

"I think during Covid we realised the importance of community space, having somewhere that neighbours can meet. We want to ensure that this [project] has something for everyone.

"I would really urge people to take part in the public consultation and make their views known."

The former St Ninian's was demolished following the opening of the new school in 2018.

In 2022 the council provided an update on an investigation to locate the mineshaft and to ensure that it was properly capped.

Councillor Quinn said: "The delay had been due to the need to get surveys carried out to ensure the safety of the land as well as the security of the old copper mine underneath."

She is now set to work with the community in Midton to get the project moving.

Some of the ideas includes a track for kids learning to ride bikes, as well as an area to grow plants and vegetables.

Councillor Quinn said: "I want to thank all the community for their patience.

"This site is important to all of us here in Midton as it contains a lot of history as well as good memories as a former school site, so hopefully all of this can feed into the design."

The new community green space is one of many developments Councillor Quinn has fought for in Gourock, having also pushed for improvements in Gourock Park.

Anyone with ideas or who wants to get involved can contact the councillor on 07768 616616, or email