THE bar manager of a Gourock pub where a woman is alleged to have 'glassed' a customer was also assaulted by the accused, a jury has been told.

Lynda Roberston is charged with scarring a 19-year-old woman for life in an unprovoked violent incident at Cleats in October 2021.

Robertson, 37, is also said to have struck the male bar boss in the face at the Kempock Street venue.

Three Crown witnesses, including the pub manager, have evidence on the second day of the indictment trial at Greenock Sheriff Court.

The man, who has been in the role for a decade having worked at Cleats for 18 years, told the court he attempted to escort Robertson out of the premises after the initial disturbance and was struck on the face, just under his eye, by her in an unprovoked attack.

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He said: "I didn't react, I just told her to keep walking."

Just minutes earlier, according to the man, Robertson 'leapt out of her seat' to attack the female customer.

The court previously heard that the teen was left covered in blood and now has a permanent scar above her eyebrow after the incident.

Questioned on whether he saw a glass in Robertson's hand at the time of the alleged assault, the bar manager said: "It is my assumption that an unsmashed [sic] glass would not cut somebody's face."

Representing Robertson, lawyer David Nicholson put it to the witness that his police statement, provided to a detective constable on the night, was 'significantly different' to his account of events given in court, as he did not tell police that he had seen the alleged victim being glassed.

The witness denied claims he was 'making assumptions and filling in the gaps' and said he had 'worded it wrong' in his statement.

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Another member of staff, who had worked at Cleats for around a month at the time of the incidents, claimed Robertson 'lunged' at the first alleged victim and 'shoved' a half pint glass into her face 'with enough force to smash it'.

The defence lawyer disputed the witness's version of events, claiming he only attended the area of the alleged assault in the aftermath.

Mr Nicholson said: "I am not saying you are lying but you have simply got this wrong in terms of what you think you saw."

The witness replied: "That is what happened."

Another male witness, who is now a police officer but had been assisting behind the bar on the night in question, told the court Robertson hit the bar manager's head with the palm of her hand as she was being escorted upstairs towards the exit.

The trial, before Sheriff Sheena Fraser, continues.