ADULTS across Inverclyde are being encouraged to take part in a new programme which will make it easier for them to use numbers and develop their maths skills.

Local authorities in the Glasgow City Region have joined forces to promote the Multiply123 numeracy programme, which provides hundreds of funded courses and activities.

A dedicated helpline has been launch to connect adults with Multiply support in their area.

Research by the National Numeracy Charity shows that 40 per cent of the UK’s working-age population have the expected numeracy levels of a primary school leaver.

Inverclyde Council leader Stephen McCabe said: “Numbers are part of our everyday lives dealing with things like bills, wages, shopping, household budgets, or helping young people with homework.

“But having the numeracy skills to tackle some of these day-to-day tasks and do so with confidence is something many of us take for granted.

Greenock Telegraph: Inverclyde is one of eight local authorities promoting the programmeInverclyde is one of eight local authorities promoting the programme (Image: Inverclyde Council)

“Thanks to the Multiply programme, people in Inverclyde who struggle with numeracy can access the help and support they need for free right on their doorstep.

“There are courses and activities now available to equip people with the skills they need to make it easier for them to deal with numbers and maths and I encourage anyone who is struggling to find out more from the Multiply website.”

Courtney Jann from Greenock was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD while at primary school and says she has 'always struggled to make numbers make sense'.

The 22-year-old said: “Number work in high school was too hard and I was always falling behind.

"In first year, I was moved to a different school, but the work here was too easy so I never really learned how to get better at numbers.

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“I went to college to do a number of taster courses but, owing to a family illness, I missed some time at college, so I was struggling to learn and keep up as well as feeling stressed about my family member and not passing my course.

“As an adult, I have support workers who help me with budgets, shopping, and managing my money but I’ve never really felt independent or able to manage my own money.

“I also really enjoy cooking and would love to work in catering or hospitality, but I’m not confident to go to college to do this because of how I feel about numbers.”

Courtney is now taking part in a ‘numbers into employment’ course, which is being run by Inverclyde Council’s community learning and development service.

Those interested in seeking support can contact the Multiply helpline on 0808 171 3030, or visit