A TALENTED jeweller from Greenock has told how she has made pieces for the rich and famous and international clients.

Deborah Murdoch, 45, is showcasing her exquisite jewellery range at the McGilp's pop up shop in Gourock's Kempock Street this week, up until Sunday.

But she is usually to be found at her studio in her home town creating bespoke items for discerning clients.

She specialises in high quality pieces using 18ct gold, sterling silver, gold vermeil and precious and semi-precious stones.

Deborah's stunning work has been recognised both at home and across the pond in America.

She said: "I have designed quite a few engagement rings.

"Erasure's Andy Bell contacted me from Miami.

"He sent me an emerald to fit one of my rings for his partner. He really liked the style, then he ordered a sapphire ring for himself.

"It was surreal speaking to him on the phone, he is really nice and kind, you could tell in the way he speaks to you.

"My brothers have been total fans of his for years, they would have loved to have met him."

Deborah, who lives in Broomhill, won an international business award from Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce last year.

She had options when she was deciding on a career choice, as she was always interested in fashion and modelled when she was younger.

Deborah said: "It was either fashion or jewellery but I chose jewellery because I was so passionate about it.

"I also did a bit of fashion modelling for the Storm in London, Kate Moss's agency, when I was 17 and for the Model Team in Glasgow. I did that up until I was 23 then I went to college."

Deborah started making beaded jewellery when she was 19 and then went on to study at Cardonald College for three years, before attending art school where she gained her degree.

She worked for a spell at the prestigious Hamilton and Inches in Edinburgh before securing her own studio in Glasgow.

Deborah said: "My jewellery is very personal, it quite unique and ethically sourced.

"I have a passion for gemstones, both precious and semi-precious, diamonds and emeralds.

"Each emerald is totally different from the other, the best sellers are tourmalines because of the lesser price and the different colours they come in, pink, green and blue."

Deborah praised the pop-up point in Gourock, saying it gives a good platform for local entrepreneurs.

She said: "The week has been going well, I love this wee shop, it's good for small businesses.

"I'm usually in my studio in Terrace Road but the shop means I can came out and speak to people about my jewellery and they can try on pieces and take orders."