A BUNCH of rookie movie makers have made the cut by reaching the final of a national film competition.

Pupils at Clydeview Academy created their own storyboard to enter a filmmaking contest run by The Scottish European Educational Trust (SEET).

The project is entitled Our World and aims to encourage global citizenship, language learning and uptake among pupils.

Language teacher Vanessa Hall, who runs the club with colleague Lucy McCue, said: "It started in August, we were trying to widen pupils' use of language and making a film makes it more fun.

"The storyboard was based on the UN's sustainable goals and the pupils used two languages, Ukrainian and French.

"The theme is based on World Peace and is entitled Open Your Eyes."

The fabulous five who are members of the school's movie club are thrilled.

Group member Jillian Hendry, said: "We meet up every Friday, it's been good fun creating the storyboard and sometimes we watch films for inspiration."

Part of the story is in diary form and looks at the life of a girl living in Ukraine, and a Ukrainian pupil at the school gives the piece authenticity through a voice over.

Fellow pupil Katie Dunnet said: "The aim of the film is to change people's reactions to war. Some people think if it is not happening here, they don't need to think about it.

"It's almost like World War Three with countries pushing to get more power. We want to raise awareness, and our film looks at what life is like for a pupil in a school in Ukraine."

The pupils are now getting the chance to bring their storyboard to life by filming it in Glasgow.

They will be given technology and professional training on the day to help them.

Once the film is completed the group will be invited to a premiere and awards ceremony, where they can showcase their work for the first time to friends and family.

Mrs Hall said: "I think it it is fantastic, I am really proud of them."