AN ALLEGED drug driver accused of seriously injuring a cyclist after a crash in Port Glasgow is set to stand trial.

Mark Donnelly, 36, is said to have driven a Vauxhall Corsa on April 1, 2022 while under the influence of cocaine.

Prosecutors say that the proportion of benzoylecgonine - one of the main metabolites in cocaine - in his system was 64mcg per litre of blood, exceeding the 50mcg legal limit.

It is claimed that a male cyclist was seriously injured when Donnelly drove towards his bicycle on Dougliehill Road, failed to take evasive action and collided with him, causing damage to the vehicle and bike.

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Donnelly, of Westray Avenue in the Port, has pleaded not guilty to the indictment allegations through lawyer Aidan Gallagher.

Sheriff James Varney scheduled a jury trial for June 10.