TOP girl band The Laurettes hit the right inspirational note with young secondary school pupils when they performed at Clydeview Academy in Gourock.

First year students have been learning about the contribution women make to society in all their subjects from maths to modern studies and music.

And the whole school enjoyed a lunchtime gig from the local musicians on the day they released their new album 'Meet Me at the Main Stage'.

Greenock Telegraph:

Lynette Beaton - a former Clydeview teacher - and Lauren O'Donoghue have been blazing a trail for women in the music industry.

Lynette, said: "It's absolutely fantastic. It's great to be here, I used to teach here and I am delighted to have been invited along.

"We have been very fortunate the people in the Scottish music industry have been lovely and very supportive.

"It's all about inspiring the younger generation, we do know that women are under-represented in our industry and we are keen to change those statistics."

Pupils have been learning about inspirational women from the fields of arts, science and politics.

Modern studies teacher Eilidh Dolan said: "This is the second time I've run this project and this year and last year I think it opened a lot of people's eyes.

"We have been holding a lot of different events and this is a culmination of what pupils have learned during these lessons to mark International Women's Day.

"Pupils have been learning about feminism in social studies and in modern languages. They created a poster of a woman they admired in a foreign language and they had to choose a woman who inspired them.

"In maths they looked at gender equality, in art making different posters of famous women throughout the years, English they learned poetry, and famous women in the world of science."

Pupils were also given cards that they could fill in and give to a special woman in their life, be it their mum, grandmother, sister, aunt or teacher.

Pupil Mirren Moffat said: "We have been learning about all the different women and have learned what they have done to make the world a better place for other people.

"I chose my mum Rachel as a woman who inspires me and made a poster with her picture and wrote the words in French."

Ms Dolan said: "They have been learning some statistics to highlight global inequality such as the fact that in 72 countries women don't have access to a bank account."

Pupil Anna Duffy, who also chose her mum Victoria as her inspirational woman, said: "We are learning about women and how their actions shaped the the future.

"I think things are better now for girls because of what these women did in the past."