ALMOST 9,000 complaints about rats, wasps, ants and other pests have been lodged by Inverclyde residents over the last five years – with the cost of tackling the nuisance species stretching into six figures.

New data shows that 8,769 complaints about rodents and insects have been made in the district since the beginning of 2018.

During this period, Inverclyde Council’s pest control service brought in £64,000 in rodent and wasp removal fees.

However, the staff, materials, clothing and vehicle costs associated with running the service amounted to more than £194,000, meaning that the local authority recorded a deficit of more than £129,000 over the five-year period.

Pottery Street in Greenock, which sits next to the Pottery Street Recycling Centre, had the highest number of issues raised since the beginning of last year, with 50.

All of the complaints raised at Pottery Street during this period related to rats.

The next highest figure was recorded at Macgillivary Avenue in Greenock, where 21 complaints were made about mice, 17 about rats and three about wasps since January 1 last year.

Nelson Street, also in Greenock, was the third most complained about street, with 18 rat-related complaints, 17 insect issues and five involving mice or wasps.

The street with the highest tally since 2018 was Broomberry Drive in Gourock, which also neighbours a recycling centre, with a total of 182.

Complaints about rats make up more than half of all pest control issues lodged since the beginning of 2018, while complaints about mice and wasps were the next most commonly reported nuisance critter.

An Inverclyde Council spokesperson said: “Our public health and housing team operates an efficient and effective pest control service which responds quickly to local demand and we have an ongoing preventative monitoring programme for rodents across the area.

“We also provide a comprehensive information and advice service on a range of pest control issues allowing householders to carry out their own treatments.

“There is a charge for some of the services we provide and others are free.

“Residents can visit the pest control section of our website to access help, advice and services at”