CAMPAIGNERS have hit out at selfish dog owners for not picking up after their pets and blighting a popular beauty spot.

Members of Cowdenknowes Residents' Association have joined forces with local councillor Tommy McVey in a bid to tackle the mess at Murdieston Park.

They say the park is covered in dog dirt and the problem is the worst it has ever been.

The activists have taken the step of using non-toxic paint to highlight the issue.

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Norman McNeil, a member of the association committee, says some dog owners are blatantly flouting the law but there is no excuse.

He told the Telegraph: "It's a lovely park and every 100 yards there are 'No Dog Fouling' signs on the path."

The yellow patches are dotted about the park showing the extent of the problem.

Councillor McVey says he has been in touch with environmental services staff and enforcement officers had been dispatched to the park.

He said: "Officers have been coming to the park to encourage people to pick up after their dogs. The clear message is if dog owners are caught they will be fined.

"I've been told that people are letting their dogs foul next to the spray-painted 'no fouling' areas.

"It is totally unacceptable. Children play in this park and people enjoy walks around the dam.

"This park is an asset to the area and there is no excuse for owners not to pick up after their dogs. We have plenty of litter bins in the park."

A woman who has lived in the area for 12 years said: "It's diabolical. It's disgusting. If you've got a dog, then you know you have to pick up after it. This is the worst it's ever been. You constantly have to look down towards the ground when you are walking here, in case you step in something."

Dog owners who flout the law can be fined £80, rising to £100 for failing to pick up after their dogs.