A 'VICIOUS and vindictive' domestic abuser who conducted a 'terrifying' near three-year campaign of harassment against a woman he was having an affair with has been jailed.

Robert Wilson smashed his victim's car with a hammer, caused her to suffer multiple panic attacks and forced entry to her home between July 2019 and March 2022 - then referred to her in a pre-sentencing report as a 'psycho'.

Wilson, 47, had also persistently called and messaged the woman, threatened her with violence and pursued her in his car.

He admitted to around a dozen separate incidents which made up the domestic abuse charge on the final day of a trial at Greenock Sheriff Court - more than 18 months after the case had first called.

Greenock Telegraph: Robert WilsonRobert Wilson (Image: Facebook)

He has now been jailed for a year-and-a-half for his crimes, while a four-year non-harassment order has also been imposed.

A sentencing hearing was told that the findings of a social work background report demonstrated his 'lack of responsibility' for the offences.

He previously claimed that the complainer had set him up by making a series of 'malicious' allegations about him after they had ended their relationship.

Wilson's alarming behaviour included striking a mug on the ground at Battery Park in February 2020 causing tea to spill onto the woman, pursuing her when she attempted to flee from him and causing her to suffer a panic attack at Cornalees in April that year after repeatedly sending her texts demanding she meet with him, and shouting, swearing and uttering abusive remarks.

In June 2020, he drove past the woman at Cornalees then sent a further barrage of messages when she did not acknowledge him, before forcing her to flee in her car.

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Wilson punched and kicked the doors and windows of her vehicle, grabbed hold of the windscreen wipers when she attempted to reverse, pursued her, repeatedly attempted to force her to stop and drove in front of her. He then exited his car and lashed out again while shouting at her, eventually parking in her driveway and refusing to move unless she contacted him.

Later in 2020, Wilson, who used to run his own property maintenance company, attended the woman's Gourock home and aggressively forced his way in, refusing to leave until she agreed to continue with the relationship.

Twelve months later a similar incident occurred, with Wilson removing items he had bought for her and again refusing to leave her home.

At a hotel in Ballachulish in August 2021, Wilson shouted and swore at the woman, turned the volume of the television up loud to prevent her from sleeping, threatened to drive away and leave her at the hotel on her own causing her to suffer another panic attack.

He also repeatedly phoned the complainer and sent messages and cards, some of which contained swearing and threats of violence.

Greenock Telegraph: Robert WilsonRobert Wilson (Image: Facebook)

The abuser was convicted of a total of ten charges, including seven bail breach offences, having repeatedly ignored court orders to stay away from the woman and her home street.

A further charge stated that he ran away from three police constables in July 2022 while on two bail orders and resisted, obstructed or hindered the officers.

Defence solicitor Derek Buchanan said the relationship had 'effectively brought Mr Wilson into conflict with the authorities' and he had been assessed as unsuitable for a domestic abuse rehabilitation programme 'due to his significant denial'.

Mr Buchanan said the custody threshold had 'more than been reached', however, he argued that Wilson's 'incorrectly held beliefs' could be challenged by way of a community-based order.

Greenock Telegraph: Sheriff Sheena FraserSheriff Sheena Fraser (Image: George Munro)

Sheriff Sheena Fraser told Wilson, of Plymouth Avenue in Gourock, that his course of conduct over almost three years 'must have been terrifying' for the complainer.

The sheriff said: "You have denied certain parts of the offences occurred and at times apportioned blame to the complainer for your actions.

"Nevertheless, your solicitor says that you do have an acceptance of your behaviour, contrary to what the report says.

"You should note that society will not tolerate domestic abuse."

The sheriff said that the domestic abuse offences, together with the 'deliberate, vicious and vindictive vandalism' of the victim's car and the bail breaches, meant that an alternative to custody would not be appropriate in disposing of the case.

Wilson was sentenced to a total of 18 months imprisonment and a four-year non-harassment order was imposed banning him from contacting the complainer or entering her home street.