THIS week’s look into our archives takes us back 11 years – when Morton chairman Douglas Rae warned that the club would go part-time if a backup plan was not found to a failed league reconstruction bid.

Radical plans for reform in Scottish football — involving three new divisions of 12, 12 and 18 clubs — had been scuppered after Ton’s Renfrewshire rivals St Mirren joined Ross County to vote them down during a tense SPL summit.

In an exclusive interview with the Tele, Mr Rae said he was ‘disappointed’ that the revamp had been snubbed — and warned that Morton would lose their full-time status unless an SPL 2 was formed in time for the upcoming season.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph retro 17-4-2024

Mr Rae said at the time: “There is no doubt I will not be supporting full-time football next year, if, and I say if, SPL 2 doesn’t go ahead or there isn’t some form of change.

“We will not be full-time.

“We haven’t voted on it yet, but it’s almost certain because the attendances this year have been so bad that it’s been impossible to get anywhere near a break-even point.

“There are not many clubs in the First Division who will reasonably be able to be full-time without some sort of change.”

The tense stand-off was eventually resolved at the end of 2013, when Scottish Football League clubs voted in favour of a merger with the Scottish Premier League to form the Scottish Professional Football league.

Meanwhile, plans had been lodged to build a £700,000 block of 12 flats in Port Glasgow.

The proposed housing development was to be built on vacant land at Highholm Street near the town centre.

Permission was being sought in principle for 12 flats with the same number of on-site parking spaces to be located outside.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph retro 17-4-2024

Elsewhere, a fearless personal trainer had taken the plunge by embarking on a new career carrying out vital underwater maintenance at a nuclear power station.

Greenock man Jamie Barbour qualified as a commercial diver three months prior but was already working for a civil engineering firm who were carrying out work at Hunterston, near Largs.

Jamie was using his newfound skills to carry out essential repairs such as welding and rigging at the nuclear plant in Ayrshire.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph retro 17-4-2024

In other news, navy ships from across Europe had been out and about on the Clyde after they arrived to join one of the continent’s largest military exercises.

The annual drill, Exercise Joint Warrior, got under way after dozens of vessels — large and small — sailed in.

Around 60 separate naval units from countries including the UK, Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Norway, Denmark, Canada and Sweden were involved.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph retro 17-4-2024

In other sporting news, it was green for go at Fort Matilda Bowling Club as members flocked to its opening day.

Nearly 40 players rolled up for the first day of the new season, while many more turned out to enjoy the spectacle.

Greenock Telegraph: Greenock Telegraph retro 17-4-2024

Performing the honours were club president Brian Ross and his wife Nancy, who threw the first bowl.