A SHAKEN Port Glasgow woman has told how her husband narrowly escaped death after a tree crashed down into the couple's garden.  

Roselyn Craddock, who lives in Broadfield Avenue, said she and her husband James were both outdoors on April 6 when the huge scare unfolded. 

The couple's rear garden backs onto a hilled, grassy area which is home to several trees. The couple were given an almighty fright when, with no warning, one of the trees tumbled.

It crashed to the ground just beside James, shattering a wooden fence as it slammed to the ground across their garden and the one next door.

Greenock Telegraph:
Roselyn and James immediately called for River Clyde Homes, who are responsible for the patch of land, to ensure the area is made safe and action is now being taken. 

Roselyn, 57, told the Tele: "The tree only just missed James. 

"He was crouched down working, but if he had been standing up and it hit his head, it could have killed him.

"Is it going to take someone getting killed before something will be done about it?"

Greenock Telegraph:
In the run-up to the incident Roselyn was down at the bottom of the front garden painting, while James was out the back working on extending some decking. 

Roselyn said: "When he rushed round to get me at the front he was chalk white. 

"My first thought was that he wasn't well, and I kept asking him what was wrong. 

"He kept telling me to just come round to the back garden with him. 

"He said he heard a crack and the tree just appeared right in front of his face.

"James is six foot two and a big guy, and I've never seen him like that."

The tree crashed down at an angle, smashing the newly-erected fencing and destroying a rotary dryer in their neighbour's garden. 

Roselyn insists the area must be made safe. 

She added: "I'm worried about kids playing in the woods during the summer. We raised our concerns about it with Councillor Jim MacLeod years ago as well. We've done a lot of work in the garden and we love being out in it.  We don't want it to get to the stage where we don't feel safe in it and we can't invite people over."

Roselyn says a team from River Clyde Homes stated that water coming down from the top of the hill could have been the reason for the tree uprooting. 

She says the housing association advised her to claim for the damage on her house insurance but she resisted, insisting that they should fix the damage. 

Greenock Telegraph:
Since Roselyn contacted the Telegraph, a team from River Clyde Homes has been sent out to see her and her neighbour. 

A River Clyde Homes spokesperson said: "We visited Mrs Craddock and her neighbour, and tree removal and pruning works are being undertaken in the area adjacent to their rear garden. 

"In addition, although not liable, as a courtesy we have agreed to replace any damaged fence panels. 

"Both customers reported they were satisfied with this outcome."

Roselyn said: "We're just so glad something is being done about it."